Rosewood – Why It’s Considered A Special Category Of Wood?

Posted by Admin on July, 29, 2022

There are many types of rosewood which come from all around the world. Depending on the source country, the colour of rosewood can vary from closely ebony through dark browns to rich reds and so make it a perfect choice for furniture and decorative items. The origin of the rosewood also affects its strength, sturdiness and hardness with Indian and African rosewood being the hardest. Rosewood supplied by the Rosewood Suppliers in India is one of the utmost exploited species of trees around the world, as it is used in making expensive furniture, and musical instruments, as well as producing rosewood oil, carrying its species to the brink of annihilation. This scarcity of rosewood properties has led to prices rising, with no signs of slowing down.

Uses of the rosewood

Rosewood is usually used for furniture, musical instruments, decorative items and veneers.

Properties of the rosewood

Hard, tough and very durable wood

Striking wood grain

Polishes very well and to a high polish if desired

Extremely resistant to wear and tear

The Different Types of Rosewood Trees

The rosewood tree comprises a type of tropical hardwood that has become a very classy commodity. Simply put, rosewood wood exactly comes from rosewood trees such as Brazilian rosewood (Dalbergia nigra), Indian rosewood (Dalbergia sissoo) and Madagascar rosewood (Dalbergia baronial). These are some of the real rosewoods that hold the maximum value when sold.

Why rosewood is considered so special?

Rosewood uses for making Furniture and Instruments supplied by the Rosewood manufacturer

Trees in the true rosewood genus are required for their density and astonishing red/dark red colouring. These trees have a close-fitting grain and tend to be rather heavy but remain easy to work with if you know how to. Along with its attractive colouring, rosewood also offers the added quality of permeating the air with its rose-like scent. This perfume remains rooted in the wood for hundreds of years and can still be smelled in antiques when they're scratched or refinished.

Musical instruments created by rosewood

Indian rosewood is the utmost common rosewood to be used for high-end musical instruments such as guitars, although Brazilian rosewood was used in the 1800s to make high-end pianos. Its exclusive colouring and durability are what make rosewood usage in instruments so stimulating. The rings and designs found inside the wood are unique, and these parts of the wood are usually reserved for making the neck of the guitar or the most visible parts of furniture.

Exclusive Rosewood Essential Oil

Another reason rosewood is anticipated is for the benefits of the essential oils that are extracted from the wood. These oils are comparatively easy to acquire since rosewood has a high oil content that can be found throughout the wood itself. The oil is removed by steaming chips of rosewood.

Multiple benefits of rosewood oil

Rosewood vital oil has been used to treat external skin problems such as acne, scars or even stretch marks. It has also been used to care for other frequent issues like the common cold or flu. Even with all the astonishing benefits, rosewood has to offer, it remains on the list of approximately extinct flora.

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