THEKKEKARA TRADERS Blog Latest Products Sat, 10 Jun 2023 10:32:59 +0530 en-us Different Woods Used in Making Furniture in Kerala Sat, 24 Jul 2021 10:16:14 +0530 Furniture is the main decorative item at our home. Whether it is traditional or modern, the home looks lifeless without furniture. The different woods have their unique features as per their structure and style.   The handmade furniture from Wood Dealers in Kerala has been durable over the years. It has a huge name for its high aesthetic value. Moreover, it is the focal point of all interior décor items in homes.   Our household is not complete neither functional without a proper furniture system. It beautifies the home environment and adds some quality to it.   During the earlier days, handmade tools were used to build furniture. Nowadays it is quite easier to process woods and build world-class development with them.   Types of Woods Preferred in Making Furniture: Solid wood always has high artistic fame with a lot of benefits. Mainly soft and hardwood are used for the strength and density of any furniture. You will know different wood types which are used to build furniture.   1. Teak Wood: It is highly preferable for the top Wood Dealers in Kerala because of its reliability and fire-resistant properties. It is very expensive wood as you see.   It is even more fabulous after polishing work. It would not get damaged by dry rots and white ants. It has superior use in South India.   The tight grain and huge strength make it the number one choice for making household furniture. It is also used for manufacturing boats as well. You can even have designed countertops and indoor flooring with teak woods.   2. Rose Wood: It is closely grained and has a very tough structure. It is found in huge sizes for creating cabinets and ornamental carving. It is mainly produced in Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa, and Tamil Nadu.   For making tough household structures and furniture, rosewood is used. For making laboratory instruments and musical instruments, it is used as well. If you are very fancy about the aesthetic appealing of your interior house designing, you should go for rosewood.   3. Satin Wood: This wood has a glossy finish with a robust and durable structure. It seeks little maintenance and minor care. You may not clean it regularly if it is used as a flooring option.   4. Sal Wood: It is famous in North India where people are very concerned about durability, quality, and tensile strength. It is hardwood timber for manufacturing wooden frames, beams, and furniture. It has strong immunity against white ants, fungus, and insects. It has been popular since the old days as it was easily available then.   5. Shisham: It can be used and framed on a seasonal basis. It is the main attraction in East India with rich polish. You will find good looks with this valuable investment for the home décor. It can be tried with sports goods, railway sleepers, etc.   6. Mahogany: It has excellent features like durability, glossy finish, and fineness. It is famous for decorative art pieces, furniture, and cabinets. You can see other types of woods like Mulberry, Deodar, Jackwood, etc. These also have some aesthetic appeal and craze as we have seen in other wooden furniture. Acacia Wood – Get The Solid Stuff at Affordable Cost Tue, 10 Aug 2021 14:39:33 +0530 Grown in tropical and moderate climates around Asia, Europe, America, and Australia, Acacia Wood is an exotic hardwood. It is counted in the list of more than 1,300 species available worldwide. More than 950 species are found just in Australia. Across the world, Acacia trees are called "whistling thorns, "thorn trees, and wattles.   Where is the Acacia Wood Used for? Acacia has several uses started from hardwood furnishings to water-soluble gums that are utilized as thickening food agents. The most common usage of wood is the manufacturing of furniture. It is a strong wood, and people use it to give support to the building construction. The attractive piece of wood is used in finishing utilitarian ideas such as making bowls and decorative pieces.   Looks Acacia wood looks naturally smooth and more polished. Appeared warm in tone, it shows an attractive and special natural wood grain. It appears just amazing at the time natural, varnished and polished.   What are the top qualities and properties? The manufacture of the furniture chooses to use acacia wood for different kitchen and bathroom collections as they are resistant to water and highly durable. They are just right for the heavy-use products that are linked with water usage. According to the experts, the wood can remain for more than 40 years even if protected and not treated. The deep brown color with an attractive natural grain, offering a rich and warm touch to any home.   The durability of Acacia’s wood implies it isn’t scratched simply, too, while its water-resistant factors imply that it won’t warp quickly and is highly hardy to fungus. Just like any other kind of wood, acacia is certainly antibacterial and is thus safe to use for preparing or making food.   Care Products received from acacia wood must be hand-washed but not soaking in water and not exposed to severe hot or cold heats. Acacia wood products, such as wood products, should not be in the dishwasher. For best outcomes, refer to the care guidelines on your acacia wood result.   One thing that interior designers and homeowners like about acacia hardwood flooring is that it comes in separate hues. You can make a selection from enriched reds and browns to vibrant yellow. One characterization of this wood is that it has grains that are deep-seated-set and gives a smooth and robust model on the flooring. Comfort and Suitability   Acacia Wood Supplier offers the best quality wood for buyers. It is very comfortable for us to use. It is even damage resistant can be quickly fixed in any area of the house. Apart from the floors, it can be used to create outdoor patio sets and indoor cabinets.   Affordable Cost and Easy to Maintain Simply to say, it is a good value for money and affordable for all. If you are using it for flowing, it remains scratches resistant, wood rot, pestiferous insects, scrapes, and dents. One can even maintain it by polishing and washing to keep the natural color of the wood. Everything You Need To Know About Jackfruit Wood Fri, 22 Oct 2021 10:26:19 +0530 Jackfruit is an evergreen tree mainly in tropical Asia that is commonly cultivated for its enormous fruits and strong wood all through the marshland tropics. The unripe greenish fruit is prepared as a veggie, whereas the ripe dark fruit is consumed freshly for the delightfully acidic but bland pulp encircling the seeds. Jackfruit timber from any reliable Jackfruit wood supplier is considered one of the best when used for types of furniture. The seeds are roasted and consumed in the area. In India and other parts of South and Southeast Asia, jackfruit is a basic meal. In some regions, canned or cooked jackfruit has grown in popularity as a meat alternative. The tree itself can grow up to 60 to 70 feet in height and would also carry leaves that are almost 6 to 8 inches in length. On thick spikelets that sprouts immediately from the stem and branches, tiny unisexual flowers are produced. The stringy centre behind the thick, rough rind can be eaten raw or prepared in a number of recipes. The world's biggest tree-borne fruit, reaching upwards to 40 pounds more than that. It's oval in shape and aggregate, with many "bulbs" of seed-containing flesh around with a sticky core, all encased in a rough rind. Vastu Tips On Wood:- Wood is seen as a living organism. It brings all the good vibes and luck into your home. However, it is always important to use wood that has been grown in a healthy environment. Never choose trees grown in mortuaries, tank bunds, cathedrals, or along the roadside since they all convey the unpleasant vibrations of the environment. Trees that are prickly, have a low fragrance or have a milky sap are unsuitable for construction. Trees that have been felled by lightning or thunderbolt are likewise not advised. It is always advisable to utilize the same type of wood throughout the building to aid in the correction of all other Vaastu flaws. When two types of wood are utilized, the results are average, and when three types of wood are used, the results are quite ordinary. Sandalwood is the greatest for all constructions, but because it is not feasible to use it, Jackfruit Wood is the best-recommended wood. Timber Usage:- In India, bright yellow wood with the excellent grain is utilized for furnishings and residential construction. It is termite-resistant and preferable to teak when it comes to furniture construction. The jackfruit tree's timber is valuable in Sri Lanka and is shipped to Europe. The timber of the jackfruit is commonly used to make furnishings, window frames and doors, roof structures, and fish sauce barrels. Final Words:- In suitable plant care, just minor trimming is necessary; cutting out dead branches from the tree's body is only considered necessary on rare occasions. In order to stimulate development for the following season, twigs containing fruit must be twirled or cut down to the trunk.   To ensure productivity, stems should be clipped every 3 to 4 years. Some trees produce an excessive number of mediocre fruits, which are routinely destroyed to allow the rest to mature more fully. All You Need To Know About Acacia Wood Mon, 24 Jan 2022 15:12:27 +0530  As per a recent survey by BBC world news, there are 60000 different varieties of trees that are found on the earth. Each of them is different from one another in composition, color, glow, shrinkage, and consistency. Among the vast species, acacia wood is the significant one. Before starting any discussion on the topic of the advantages and disadvantages of acacia wood, it’s important to know what acacia wood is.    Acacia is a special type of plant from which we get the acacia wood that is considered to be the hardest among all hardwoods when it comes to the matter of liability and thickness. Its wooden contour is multi-directional which means the fibers of this tree are facing each other. Acacia wood is friction-resistant and can withstand different weather conditions. This resistance quality and strong rigidity of acacia wood make it an excellent choice for multiple external works and a successful substitute for the exotic woods. The bottom of the acacia wood is bright reddish-brown with dark streaks whether the sapwood is either light brown or yellowish. Acacia wood is four types, Acacia Koa, Acacia Melanoxylon, Acacia Acuminata, Acacia Auriculiformis. Acacia wood requires a little extra care than the other regular wood otherwise it tears easily. Acacia wood is majorly used for the production of furniture, flooring, cutting boards, and various home decoration. Let’s discuss the major characteristics of acacia wood with a detailed explanation.   Strong, Waterproof, And Scratch Resistant The first benefit that makes acacia wood a great material is nothing but its rigidity, water-resistant nature. Various studies prove that this wood can last up to 40 years without any specific treatment or preservation. It’s one of the hardest wood in the world which is naturally durable and can withstand any harsh component. For this quality, this wood is largely used to generate navy ships due to its density and rigidity.    Scratch-Resistant Since acacia wood has natural toughness, it doesn’t get scratched easily which makes it a perfect option for luxury furniture. You don’t need to get worried about your expensive furniture if you pot for acacia wood as a material.   Elegant Grain-Motifs And Smooth Finish One of the fascinating characteristics of acacia wood is that it contains varied patterns that are dependent on its quality, growing area, and the style of its cutting. You can choose the decor style of your preferences by evaluating these intriguing patterns. Acacia wood is also capable of providing a smooth finish to the furniture without any massive polishing treatment.   Endurable And Largely Available  When acacia wood is freshly cut its then highly pliable, so you can give them any shape of your preference. After giving the shape the wood get hard and reliable.That is why acacia wood is best suitable for outdoor furniture, benches, and even floorings. Acacia wood is largely available in all sizes. Some acacia plants can grow up to 100ft tall. So you can use them for generating large tables or benches as well as small ones. Acacia has a total of 1200 species which means acacia wood is easily accessible across the world.   Antibacterial And Easy To Maintain Acacia wood has a certain antibacterial quality which makes it competent for use as a chopping board. Acacia wood needs no additional treatment to maintain its original form and quality, so it is cost-effective too. These are some of the major characteristics or benefits and uses of acacia wood. There are numerous acacia wood manufacturers in India who are generating this wood in a massive amount. If you find this article instructive do let us know. Top Advantages of Mahogany Wood Mon, 25 Apr 2022 10:24:37 +0530 Our mother nature has provided us with a comprehensive range of products that are highly beneficial for extensive uses in numerous industries. Mahogany wood is definitely one among them. Mahogany wood is one of the best woods among all the woods that is best known for its richness and texture.  What is Mahogany Wood Mahogany wood is a special  hardwood variation of wood that is mainly originated in North and Central America. Mahogany is generally utilized for numerous purposes and applications. It is very popular for its powerful grain, shine and red-brown colour. After cleaning and polishing, it glows in a more reddish-brown colour which provides the incredible look and makes it more reliable. Variety of Mahogany Wood When it comes to he matter of the species of Mahogany, there almost half a dozen varieties are there. But many wood variety professionals only recognize Mahogany Cuba, Honduran, South American Mahogany, and African Mahogany as major Mahogany species. 1.Cuban Mahogany 2.Honduran Mahogany 3.South American Mahogany 4.African Mahogany Benefits of Mahogany Wood Mahogany wood is best known for its widespread benefits and special productive features. Here we are presenting the top benefits of Mahogany wood that may startle you with their facts. Strong and Durable The first major benefit of Mahogany wood is nothing but its strong and durable nature. Mahogany is exceptionally reliable and reluctant wood that can withstand any extreme harsh weather conditions, moisture, or any other natural challenges. In 1985, a test by Forest Research showed that this wood also accomplishes well in ground connection. It can resist contaminated soil also without changing its original form. Water-Resistant Another notable advantage of Mahogany wood is its extreme water-resistant quality. Mahogany can tolerate bad weather and therefore, is also utilised for outside purposes such as wall siding, outdoor dining sets, garden chairs, and benches. Due to its excellent water-resistant quality, it can be utilised for decking and boat building. Impressive Appearance As we stated earlier, Mahogany wood is mainly reddish-brown in colour. Though Mahogany woods are available in different colours, this reddish-brown colour provides an extraordinary look and glow. For getting this eye-alluring reddish-brown colour of Mahogany wood, contact any reputed Mahogany wood supplier in India. Contain Shape Another intriguing fact about Mahogany wood is that it doesn’t change shape with the change of weather. It remains in its original shape whether it’s summer or winter. For this amazing feature, Mahogany woods can be used for making doors, windows and various furniture. Simple to Provide Shape Though belongs to the category of hardwood, it’s very easy to function with this wood. This simple workability of this wood made it appropriate for hand tools. This wood can be operated with both small and large devices. Any type of carving on this wood looks beautiful and eye-catching. Carry Colour and Polishes Very Well Mahogany wood can carry any type of wood polish and paints very well. Polish and paints can improve a wood’s longevity even better. The colour of any polish is embossed and provides a vibrant manifestation. Rot Resistant Since we all know that mahogany is a hardwood species. Hardwood is naturally very reluctant to any damage or deterioration. The grain of Mahogany wood is thick and dense. So there is no chance of having rots. Mahogany can be an effective choice for those who prefer to assemble a project with a floor subject. Accessibility Another useful benefit of Mahogany wood is it is extremely accessible in the market in numerous sizes. For this better availability, Mahogany wood is used for innumerable applications on a large scale. So these are the advantages of Mahogany wood that should be known to all. If we missed anything as per your opinion, don’t forget to mention it to us. Rosewood – Why it’s considered a special category of wood? Fri, 29 Jul 2022 13:29:59 +0530 There are many types of rosewood which come from all around the world. Depending on the source country, the colour of rosewood can vary from closely ebony through dark browns to rich reds and so make it a perfect choice for furniture and decorative items. The origin of the rosewood also affects its strength, sturdiness and hardness with Indian and African rosewood being the hardest. Rosewood supplied by the Rosewood Suppliers in India is one of the utmost exploited species of trees around the world, as it is used in making expensive furniture, and musical instruments, as well as producing rosewood oil, carrying its species to the brink of annihilation. This scarcity of rosewood properties has led to prices rising, with no signs of slowing down.   Uses of the rosewood Rosewood is usually used for furniture, musical instruments, decorative items and veneers. Properties of the rosewood Hard, tough and very durable wood Striking wood grain Polishes very well and to a high polish if desired Extremely resistant to wear and tear   The Different Types of Rosewood Trees The rosewood tree comprises a type of tropical hardwood that has become a very classy commodity. Simply put, rosewood wood exactly comes from rosewood trees such as Brazilian rosewood (Dalbergia nigra), Indian rosewood (Dalbergia sissoo) and Madagascar rosewood (Dalbergia baronial). These are some of the real rosewoods that hold the maximum value when sold.   Why rosewood is considered so special? Rosewood uses for making Furniture and Instruments supplied by the Rosewood manufacturer Trees in the true rosewood genus are required for their density and astonishing red/dark red colouring. These trees have a close-fitting grain and tend to be rather heavy but remain easy to work with if you know how to. Along with its attractive colouring, rosewood also offers the added quality of permeating the air with its rose-like scent. This perfume remains rooted in the wood for hundreds of years and can still be smelled in antiques when they're scratched or refinished.   Musical instruments created by rosewood Indian rosewood is the utmost common rosewood to be used for high-end musical instruments such as guitars, although Brazilian rosewood was used in the 1800s to make high-end pianos. Its exclusive colouring and durability are what make rosewood usage in instruments so stimulating. The rings and designs found inside the wood are unique, and these parts of the wood are usually reserved for making the neck of the guitar or the most visible parts of furniture.   Exclusive Rosewood Essential Oil Another reason rosewood is anticipated is for the benefits of the essential oils that are extracted from the wood. These oils are comparatively easy to acquire since rosewood has a high oil content that can be found throughout the wood itself. The oil is removed by steaming chips of rosewood.   Multiple benefits of rosewood oil Rosewood vital oil has been used to treat external skin problems such as acne, scars or even stretch marks. It has also been used to care for other frequent issues like the common cold or flu. Even with all the astonishing benefits, rosewood has to offer, it remains on the list of approximately extinct flora. What Makes Teak Wood The Best Choice For Furniture? Sat, 08 Oct 2022 18:25:32 +0530 With the constant change in the trends of interior designs, wooden furniture remains the first choice of most people. Using the best kind of wood for furniture is the right decision if you want to make it strong, and long-lasting with minimal maintenance. However, there are various types of wood that are widely used for making furniture for Indian homes. Mainly, based on hardness, there are two types of wood in India – hardwood and softwood. Hardwood comes from flowering trees like maple, oak, walnut, and teak.  Softwood comes from coniferous trees like pine, cedar, fir, rosewood, and spruce.  These days both of these types are used as wood to make furniture. Among all the other hardwoods available in the market, Teak Wood is one of the most preferred solid wood materials for furniture in India. The common trading name of teak is Sagwan and is often used for building door frames, wardrobes, chairs, cabinets and tables. Teak wood is a dense and close-grained hardwood that is mainly from southern parts of Asia. In India, Kerala is one of the top suppliers of teak wood as it is the world’s oldest teak plantation. It is golden in colour and has a smooth texture which makes it most proper among the traditional as well as new designers for furniture. is one of the strongest wood,  very durable, resistant to decay and can outlast all other types of wood in India. Teak wood is known for withstanding extreme heat and cold and therefore, it is also considered the best wood for furniture, especially outdoor furniture. Some people find teak wood a little pricey but in the long run, it is a wise decision to invest in teak wood. Get a quote from a prominent teak wood supplier in Kerala who is known for supplying supreme quality wood.  Here are all the wonderful reasons why teak wood from teak wood manufacturers Kerala is the best for furniture in your house-  Beautiful Nothing looks more stunning than wooden furniture and the natural golden-brown colour of teak wood ages beautifully and only gets more lovely as it ages. In comparison to several other alternatives, teak wood furniture's benefits are that it enhances the decor of a house with its beautiful looks even after so many years. Highly strong and durable Durability is one the most important factors to be considered while choosing your furniture especially if you have small kids or pets at your place. These days a lot of wooden furniture breaks easily due to regular wear and tear or even due to water exposure. Teak wood is obtained from mature leaf deciduous trees which have a dense core structure that gives it strength and durability.  Weather resistance Choosing wooden furniture that can withstand anything from water to the sun is important especially when you are looking for outdoor furniture. It is a basic thing to consider how the changing weather conditions can affect the wood. Teak wood has natural waterproofing ability and also doesn’t expand due to humidity. Therefore, there is less chance to form cracks on its surface and ruin the beauty of the furniture. It can easily handle extreme heat during summers and cold in winters.  Termite Resistance  Termites are highly damaging to wooden furniture when they penetrate deep into the wood as they eat away at the wood from the inside. This results in decaying the wood heavily, eventually collapsing the entire wooden furniture. Teak wood furniture has natural oils in them due to its mother tree. This natural oil acts as an anti-termite coating which makes it resistant to termite attacks. Carving friendly  Teak wood is one of the most workable woods in the local market. Many of you have noticed some old chests in your house having intricate carvings that are still undamaged. The frame or structure of the teak wood becomes a great surface to carve on, and most carpenters and woodworkers find it quite easy to work on it. Teak wood doesn’t chip off easily, hence even delicate designs are also easily possible.  Easy to Maintain  It has long-lasting durability which makes it low maintenance. It doesn’t need any extra care or polishing or to keep a constant eye on. All you have to do is just wipe down this wooden furniture with a lint-free cloth and just like that, you can get rid of all the dust and dirt that settles on its surface. Teak wood is highly strong and resistant to most problems that decay in most other woods.  Conclusion  After realizing all the advantages of teak wood, there will be no debate whenever you are deciding on what type of furniture you want to deck your new house with. Teak wood Furniture always has a special place when it comes to getting furniture that is closer to nature. It is furniture wood which lasts from generation to generation. Here Is Everything That You Need To Know About Jackfruit Wood Sat, 21 Jan 2023 17:43:10 +0530 One of the most often used types of wood is jackfruit wood from a Jackfruit Wood Supplier. Most homes in rural regions cultivate jackfruit trees as fruit trees, particularly those whose gardens are adjacent to a slope. People will eventually use jackfruit trees to harvest timber. So, is jackfruit healthy? What is it used for? You must read the information immediately below if you are selecting and learning about materials to construct furniture. As a result, you will have a more expensive choice. A form of wood obtained from jackfruit trees is known as jackfruit wood. It was discovered for the first time in southern India and is known scientifically as Artocarpus heterophyllus. Later, jackfruit plants were introduced to Southeast Asian nations. And in the hilly regions of Vietnam, jackfruit is widely farmed. When it comes to the classification of natural woods, jackfruit is in group IV. Jackfruit was once primarily produced for its fruit. Jackfruit trees are removed for their wood after several years of development. Many people prefer to employ their wood to construct furniture since it is a wood with many benefits. People frequently believe the jackfruit tree has many sorts of wood because of its many different names. In actuality, there is just one variety of wood from this tree. Simply said, the names vary depending on the locale. In reality, Vietnam is home to a wide variety of wood species that are grown commercially and provide producers with significant financial rewards. Features: We can determine this sort of wood with accuracy based on a few distinguishing characteristics of the wood. Here are some of their standout characteristics: - Jackfruit wood from Jackfruit Wood Manufacturers India is simple to process because of its light, soft nature. It is comparable to that of needle wood. As a result, this wood material may be used to make a variety of goods with exquisite features. - The durability of jackfruit wood is excellent. After being treated, this wood often has a lifetime of several years. Additionally, because of the stability of wood's qualities, natural wood is less likely to be attacked by termites and has fewer instances of cracking, warping, and warping. - Agarwood and jackfruit wood both have a mild scent that is not overpowering. Because of this, consumers of furniture constructed from this sort of wood will feel at ease and comfortable. not overpoweringly powerful and scented like jade wood. - The jackfruit tree has a bright yellow hue that resembles jasmine wood. Many meticulous homeowners choose this colour scheme since it will make the room appear lighter and younger. Jackfruit wood is employed in feng shui to make altars, letter books, couplets, garlands, water hyacinths, Buddhist figurines, etc. The altar is created from the wood of the jackfruit tree and has a lovely design with several options. Particularly resistant to termites, robust, and fragrant naturally It would be hard to discuss the altar without mentioning hyacinth. This object is also a common one made of this wood. The size of jackfruit wood hyacinth varies greatly depending on the layout of the place of worship. They are incredibly opulent and go well with Eastern spiritual culture. Jackfruit wood is frequently used to make gongs for ethnic people, drums, and harps in the music industry. This wood produces instruments with crystal-clear, vivid, and vibrant tones. striking from the outside. Why Should You Use Mahogany for Furniture? Fri, 14 Apr 2023 15:52:11 +0530 Mahogany has become popular when it comes to home décor. Using mahogany furniture can transform the interior space. The dark reddish-brown wood has found its place in furniture apart from antiques. The mahogany wood from the mahogany wood manufacturers India is versatile to make furniture for multiple spaces.  Mahogany- Best Choice for Home Décor  To accentuate your home interiors, you must use mahogany wood furniture. The colour and texture of the mahogany wood give the furniture a warm glow. It is also highly usable. Solid hardwood has a small dry shrinkage ratio.  It is also highly flexible and easy to twist into shapes. It is the perfect wood for making furniture. The wood allows one to create interesting designs, patterns, and shapes. The flexibility of the material is why most artisans prefer it. Artisans can twist and bend the wood to give it the ideal shape. Durable and Resistant Material  The mahogany from the mahogany wood manufacturers India is durable. It can withstand rot and decay. The wood is also an insect repellent. The unique aroma of the wood repels termites and other pests that usually damage the wood.  The resistant properties do not allow water to seep through. One can clean the wood with water without worrying about ruining the furniture. It stays durable for multiple years, even with low maintenance.  Look, and Style of Mahogany Offers Great Aesthetic Value Homeowners prefer mahogany furniture, which adds great aesthetic value to the home décor. The reddish brown hues add character and style to the interior decoration. The charm of the mahogany wood offers a timeless aesthetic look.  The stunning finish of the wood tends to darken with time. The natural colour oozes charm and beauty, making the space looks high-end. Mahogany adds an air of sophistication to the spaces. The colour of the wood adds warmth to the room.The Maintenance of Mahogany Furniture  If you have mahogany furniture, you must know how to maintain its quality. Let’s see how you can preserve the quality of the wood: First, keep the wood away from excess moisture. The wood is water-resistant, but it is vulnerable to moisture. The dampness will cause the wood to expand and split the wood. Too much heat and moisture exposure can cause the wood to split. Keep the mahogany furniture away from moisture and excess heat.  Secondly, when cleaning mahogany furniture pieces, never use abrasive cleaners. You can use soap or mild cleaner to clean the top surface of the wood. Remember to pat it dry, and do not let the water sit on the wood for too long.  In the case of any spills, treat them as quickly as possible. Clean the spill on your mahogany furniture before it dries out. Doing so is necessary before the spill forms stains on the wood, causing permanent damage.  End Note For years, mahogany has maintained a standard far above other types of wood for furniture. Mahogany furniture is associated with elegance, class, and royalty. The ambiance and the natural strength that mahogany furniture brings around remain unparalleled. So, the next time you decorate your space and think of revamping your furniture to elevate the interior décor, think “Mahogany.”